remove image background without app

how to remove the background of any image.

hello guys!

I will show you how to remove the background of any image with good clarity. and convert the jpg format to png without using any image editing app.
open chrome.
background removing process vis very difficult in some cases.
so I found a website to make your work easier.
to remove the background on an online website. you can visit
it's very easy to remove the background using this app, you can remove your image background within a second.
it will automatically detect the background of your image and erases itself and converts to png format.
and also you can erase your background using offline apps like background eraser, PicsArt, image cropper.
in this app you have to select the background part manually then click on the remove button your then your image background will be removed.


  •   first open your any browser app
  • then enter "" click on the search button
  • after the website is loaded click on the upload button.
  • choose the image which you want to remove its background.
  • then wait for two to three seconds, then you can see the preview of your image.
  • then click on the download button.
  • your image will be downloaded on your internal storage.

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