how to hide subscriber count on youtube?

hello guys!

in this blog I will show you how to hide subscribers count on our channel.

if you are a new YouTuber and your subscribers are very less. if you want to increase your subscribers then you have to follow these steps.

hide your subscribers count up to 3000 subscribers complete.

  1. upload a good quality video.
  2. creat a good channel intro.
  3. don't keep background noise in the youtube video.
  4. ask for subscribing to the channel.
  5. don't use copyrighted contents on video.
  6. use good background music.
  7. make the video more interesting to viewers watch till the end of the video.

let's see how to hide subscribers count:
first step you need to open your chrome browser.
then open youtube studio beta in desktop mode.

click on channel logo in the  top right corner

Click on your channel button
click on youtube studio
Click on settings
click on channel
click on advanced option
untick  the subscriber count
click on save button

after these settings are finished your youtube will automatically hide your subscriber count.

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