how to generate direct download link from google drive and dropbox.

what is cloud storage?
    Cloud storage allows you to save data and files in an off-site location that can be accessed at any device via internet.

example for cloud storage:

  1. Google Drive
  2. One Drive
  3. DropBox
  4. Evernote
  5. Box
  6. Apple iCloud
  7. IBM Cloud object storage
  8. One Note
  9. Citric Share file
  10. Own Cloud
  11. Sugar Sync
  12. Idrive
  13. Cubby
how to share files are uploaded in cloud storage?
    it is very easy to share a file which already uploaded in cloud storage just by enabling the link sharing. 
    copying the file URL and sharing it with our friends without losing data.

how to generate a direct download link for google drive and dropbox?
  1.  already there are so many Drive direct link generators on the internet.
  2.       generating a direct download link is not difficult.
  3. first copy the file link on cloud storage.
  4.  and open any drive direct link generator and paste your url.
  5. and click on the generate button.
  6. your direct link is ready. then click and copy code and paste where you want.

why google direct download link?
  •     it saves time.
  •  it gives a good user experience.
  • it can call download for a single click.
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