how to find best keywords for website and youtube.

hello guys!
i will show you different methods which used to find the good keywords for your website or youtube video.

What is keyword?
  Keyword is word which used to find the information when we are researching.

How to find best keywords? 
   There is so many paid tools in internet wich provides the exact keyword with its search volumes.
And these keyword tools are costlier.
And so many free keyword tools also there.
But these tools are not effective but not useless.
Most of peoples are using free keyword tool these keyword tools have less chances to rank our websites on google.

Example for free keyword tools:

  1. Google adwords.
  2. Google  IMforSMB bulk keyword generator.
  3. Keyword in.
  4. Soolve.
  5. Ubersuggest.
  6. Wordtaracker scout.
  7. Wordstream free keyword.
  8. Conclusion.

Some example for paid keyword tools:

  1. KW finder.
  2. SEMRush.
  3. Ahrefs keyword planner.
  4.  Long Tail Pro.
  5. Google keyword planner.
  7. UBERSUGGEST(premium).
  8. Moz Keyword Explorer.
  9. Serpstack keyword research. 
  10. Majestic.
  11. Screaming frog seo spider
  12. Keyword revealer.
  13. Keysearch.
  14. Keywords everywhere.
  15. LSI graph.

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