How to earn from blog and website

what is adsense:
adsense is the most popular ad network and best way to monetize your website.
 and it pay very good revenue for showing ads on your blog.
adsense provide revenue for showing ads and clicking ads.
if adsense is approved for your blog or website then you dont need to go any alternatives of adsense.

do you want to approve adsense on youre blog then follow these steps.

  • you need to 18 years old.
  • you need any active gmail account.
  • your blog or website meets all google's term of services.
  • your website should older than 90 days.
  • your blog should contain more than 30 posts. 
  • youre all posts are original and unique.
  • your website should easy to navigate.
  • do not use any third party ad network on youre blog.
  • create good theme for youre blogger or website.
  • dont copy posts from any others blogpost.
  • creat a good thumbnail for your blogger. 
  • dont use copyrighted images or any materials on youre blog or website.
  • and create about us, contact us, privacy policy pages in youre blog or website. these steps are very important.

  • if those requirements are not availabled in you're blog then create and apply for adsense. else you can go with alternatives of adsense.

  • alternatives are not provides revenue like adsense. alternatives provides less revenue compare to adsense.
  • and adsense alternatives are approved very fast. compare to adsense

some best adsense alternatives:

  2. propellerads
  3. amazon native shopping ads
  4. adversal
  5. skimlinks
  6. revenuehits
  7. infolinks
  8. PopCash
  9. PopAds
  10. Adsterra
  11. Oio publisher
  12. AdRecovery
  13. SHE media
  14. Bidvertiser
  15. Adbuff
  16. BuySellAds
  17. AdClickMedia

these are the adsense alternative adnetworks if are not qualified to show adsense ad in your blog then yoc can try these aternatives.

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