how to download images in pinterest

How to download photoes pinterest

guys if you are working on a lyrical video or editing a video in aveeplayer then you have to download a very good quality images.
there is so many websites and stores they can provide you very good images.

example for those image websites

  1.  pinterest
  2. pexels
  3. dreamstime
  4. free-range
  5. flickr
  6. gratieography
  7. free image
  8. unsplash


Pinterest is one of best website to download images .
in Pinterest app we can download high quality images for free.
Pinterest is one of free image store, and it also provides tons of images.
if you can also make money using Pinterest app.

in Pinterest interface is very easy and you can easily find images you want.
and downloading the image is also very easy.
you can also use Pinterest official app that app also provides you the same features.

let's start the tutorial.

first you need to install the Pinterest app.

then search image by name that you want.
after you got your image file

then click on three dots on the upside right corner of the image.

after you will see a button named with 'download this image' , click on the button then your image will downloaded to your internal storage....

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