How to creat a simple website.

How to create a website for free.

Hello guys.
You can create websites using the free website builders.
There is a lot of free website builders on the internet which helps you to build websites without coding. And free of cost.
And also make a lot of USO money by simply placing advertisement on your website.

  1. Blogger .
  2. WordPress.
  3. Wix.
  4. weebly.

You can simply create website using This four most popular website builders.

Blogger and WordPress are the best website builders. Because thousands of people using these sites, and also, you can watch tutorial videos about how to.create websites, in YouTube.

To monetize your website using AdSense you need to write thirty posts. On your blog.

  • First, you need to open www.Blogger. Com then enter your website name then enter you're website adress.
  • After you're blogger setup is finished then you car create posts
  • using new post button.
  • After 30 posts finished.
  • Upload a custom template. It makes your blog awsome and easy to navigate.
  • Create privacy policy, about us and desclaimer pages for your website.
  • After index your website with search console or google webmaster tool. To user can search or reach you're website.
  • Then apply for adsense approval.
  • You need to purchase a domain name for youre website then you're adsense approval chances are more.
  • If adsense is not approved don't worry there is so many alternatives wich provides you adviertisment for youre website and pay you money.
  • When youre website is ranked on google youre earnings also increases.

  • Or you can gain users buy sharing youre posts link on social media sites.

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