How to screen record in android.

why screen recorders: 
    screen recording app is used to capture our screen in video format.
screen recording is used when we are creating a tutorial video.
or any gaming video,
screen recording apps helps a lot while making tutorial video with its awsome features like markers, resume, pause,  brushes,  and also voice recording while screen recording.

very few screen recording apps with internal audio recording. most of app does not support this feature.

any screen recording app with internal audio recording feature please comment app name.

best screen recorder app names:

  1. xrecorder
  2. durecorder
  3. mobizen screen recorder
  4. Az screen recorder

there is so many screen recording apps on playstore.
there is only few screen recording apps are working properly.
and there is so many useless app also there.
And some xiomi and few motorola devices with inbuilt screen recorder with internal audio recording feature.
There is so many youtubers got lot of subscribers by recording the game screen and uploading to youtube.
Download x recorder app in playstore 

click on this button to start recording.
click on this button to pause the recording
click on this button to stop the recording

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